Rilegno is the National Consortium for collection, salvage and recycling of wood packaging material. The consortium was set up to protect the environment and is concerned with wood, a naturally sustainable raw material par excellence, in an effort to rationalise and optimise its life cycle and reuse.
Legno d’Ingegno is an international design and creativity competition conceived and promoted by Rilegno to enhance and encourage the use of salvaged or recycled wood and cork in design and furnishings. The purpose of the competition, which was first launched in 2006, is to support research on innovation and encourage a fusion of environmental sustainability with industry and the world of design.

Competition Announcement 2016/2017

The purpose of the competition, which is open to enthusiasts and professional designers, is to select ideas for the reuse of wood that enhance its potential for producing furnishings, components and objects that are sustainable and reproducible on an industrial scale. Since Rilegno wants to help people with a creative flare and design enthusiasts to realise their own ideas on wood recycling and put them into production, the proposals must be feasible in addition to being new and original.

The theme proposed in this edition is Ricre-azioni di legno e convivialità negli ambienti domestici (tr.n. Reuse of wood and time together at home) with the idea of stimulating the conception and design of objects, furniture or furnishing systems for a place to spend time together and the desire/need/opportunity to be together in the home. The aim is to develop modular eco-sustainable furnishing systems which are simple and economical to produce and designed especially for gatherings with friends and family.

in order to take part in this competition,  competitors are required to produce the following documents:
: conceptual design, a .pdf file containing three horizontal format A3 (mm 420×297) illustrations with:
– Dimensioned technical drawings of the proposal.
– Graphic diagrams and construction details for a complete representation of the proposal, the materials used and technology used.
– Axonometric projection
– Photomontage and/or rendering of the proposal.
– Explanatory text of the proposal explaining its relevance to the competition theme and aims, the characteristics of the product (materials, colours, …), low cost and practicality.
All these files must have a maximum total size of 10 MB and a resolution of no less than 72dpi. Any indication that could reveal the identity of the competitor will result in exclusion from the competition.
The file must be sent using the registration form on the site in which you self-certify your authorship of the project, its originality, that it (and/or its individual parts) have never been produced or published, do not directly or indirectly violate any third party rights, it and /or the supports used do not violate criminally relevant regulations, and in which you declare to accept the competition in its entirety and at the absolute discretion of the panel of judges.

Each competitor must attach a valid identity document with the form.

The projects must be sent no later than the closure date of the competition which is 30 DECEMBER 2016 (at 11:59 pm GMT +01).

Entries will be excluded from the competition in the following cases:
– projects that do not have all of the features indicated in the aims and objectives above, even if only one is missing;
– incomplete projects which do not have all the required drawings and documents.
A competitor will likewise be excluded:
– if the drawings required by the competition announcement are submitted late;
– if the imposed conditions and restrictions accepted by the competitor are not satisfied;
– if all or part of the project is made public before the Panel of Judges has officially issued a verdict;
– other reasons in compliance with the law.
Sending in itself  does not constitute utilisation of the project, offer to the public, marketing or other type of activity which interferes with any third party rights.

A technical jury of business people, architects, company representatives and university professors will select the most interesting projects on the basis of the following criteria:
Originality of the project
Reproducibility on an industrial scale
Environmental friendliness of the characteristics and production processes
Economic and technological feasibility of the project
The participants selected will be informed of the result of the competition no later than 30 days after the jury has completed its deliberations.

12 May 2016 opening of the competition
30 December 2016 deadline for submitting the designs and documents
28 February 2017 conclusion of the assessment by the panel
Award ceremony: Milan Design Week 2017 (4 – 9 April 2017)

The overall winner will receive a monetary prize of 10,000.00 euro inclusive of all taxes and pension contributions. The organisers also reserve the right to put into production some of the projects selected by the technical panel, besides that of the first prize winner, and pay any royalties on the related sales. The projects selected by the organiser and considered the most interesting will be mentioned in a press release sent to the most important international architecture and design magazines, journalists and a number of information media.

Subject to the rights of intellectual property, the projects submitted become the property of the Organiser, who reserves the right to use them and pay any royalties on any production based on the project. Candidates guarantee that the projects and their use do not and will not violate any patents, intellectual property rights or copyright of third parties. If action is taken against the Organiser in or out of court on the grounds that the project partly or wholly violates or will violate patents or other ownership of intellectual property or industrial property rights of third parties, the organiser reserves the right to claim any compensation for damages from the candidate.
The organiser is entitled to use the projects submitted for the purposes of communication in connection with the promotion of the competition or other promotional activities such as exhibitions, events, internet sites, fairs, etc. Nothing will be owed to the authors of the projects submitted for public display and any publication of their projects by the organiser.

Participation in the Competition presupposes complete acceptance of these competition terms. In relation to Legislative Decree 196/03 on the protection of the privacy of individuals and other persons, the participants give the organisers permission to process their personal data for the purpose of managing the competition and implicitly accept these competition terms.