Legno d’Ingegno was launched in 2006 as a biennial competition with the aim of drawing the attention of designers and final consumers to design applications using salvaged and recycled wood as a raw material.

Until 2011 (the year of the most recent edition) it presented a real opportunity for designers to consider wood and was open free of charge to Italians and foreigners under the age of 35. It is now picking up where it left off with the project entitled Ricre-Azioni di legno which continues with the key elements of reusing or recycling wood and cork.

The theme of the first edition was seating.

The projects received, which included about thirty prototypes and scale models, were given awards in a ceremony at the Milan Furniture Fair and were on display from 16 to 23 April 2007 at the Casa dei designer di Esterni in Milan, at Via Durando 10.

The winner was Irma, a multipurpose outdoor Bench designed by Jari Franceschetto, followed by the Shift Lounger – bench-beach chair from Gruppo Xis 77 (coordinated by Fernando Lima –Portugal); the third place went to Mademoiselle Recycler (chaise longue with incorporated table) by Giordano Caldarini.

The jury selected three other projects which were given a special mention: the Nature Award assigned to the Am)H(  (Hammock) project by Massimiliano Nordio and Marco Borin for a garden bench shaded with old roller blinds; the Creativity Award went to the GuSSio project by Paolo Bedei and Paolo Ceredi with their original “bath tub” made of a recycled wood mould pressed and aromatised and intended as a place to rest, and the Youth Award assigned to the students from the “A. Vittoria” State Art School of Trento, who took part presenting numerous projects including some children’s chairs for nursery schools with backs having the shape of animals.


The theme proposed for the second edition was container furniture. The award ceremony also took place during the Milan furniture Fair in April 2009 in the Tortona district of Milan (in the Sparkling – Ecologically correct exhibition area).

The creative scene in the world is pervaded by sensitivity to the use of packaging for purposes other than their original, function and this trend can be seen clearly in the winning projects of this edition.

The lynchpin for two out of three prize winners was the reel. First prize went to the ROKKET project by Alessandro Lurman; second place went to Roll’n’shop, a temporary shop entirely on reels and old roller blinds by Massimiliano Nordio and Matteo Borin. Third place went to the Pallet Book, which as the name suggests was a bookcase made of pallets designed by Gilberto Pescatore.

Besides the three winners there were special mentions for: For Seasons (container vase) by Bruno Zanini, the Nature Award and Creativity Award went to Marco Colussi and Izaskun Bilbao for their project entitled Lo stretto indispensabile, book cases for the desktop made of two simple pieces of wood and an elastic band.


The theme of the 2010-11 third edition was “containing is a game”, and the ambiguity was intentional, allowing competitors to range from a new version of a container to something to play with, thus leaving more scope for creativity.

For this edition, too, the award ceremony took place during the Milan Furniture Fair in April 2011 in the Ventura – Lambrate district of Milan (in the Re-File exhibit).

The creativity of the participants produced truly original projects. The undisputed overall winner was the Basket Case by ___  and besides the three winners (a bin – basket, a desk toy made from parts of a pallet, and a tangram obtained by reassembling fruit crates), the panel assigned some special mentions.

The Urban Furnishings Award went to Bobè, a multipurpose installation (toy and container) made from decommissioned reels, the Reminiscence Award went to four designs inspired by the traditional rocking horse and the wheelbarrow: Lallo, Ord’on, Cletta la carrioletta and Reel Riding the Creativity Award, with equal distinction went to Wine not, a modular bottle rack made from pieces of pallet and drawers, The playing bag, a tote bag made from industrial packaging, pallets and fruit crates which can also be used as a game table. Lastly, the Reuse Award went to Tappo ti incastro, a sectional fruit bowl which can have different dimensions made of slats obtained by reusing boxes and locked together with cork plugs.